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2023 → release: communal project upstream ensemble on TBA21’s Ocean Archive

2023 → residency: Arctic field trip in Kilpisjärvi’s biological research station with Diane Barbé and Irwin Barbé

2023 → release: constellation of ponds on Presque Tout [cassette & digital]

2023 → residency with Galeria Vilaseco ~ more info

2023 → guest of Mélia Roger’s “Chroniques de Terrain” for the radio of Festival Archipel 2023

2023 → live performance for the sleepover concerts event Lucidity Music (Duisburg) - april 8th

2023 → DJ set on HÖR (Berlin) under the special moniker Rana — march 20th, 4pm — listen back

2023 → Pablo Diserens & Bricks perform for Gravity Pleasure at Kwia (Berlin) – feb 25th (event curated by Slowfoam and Pablo Diserens)

2023 → digital resident of TBA21’S Ocean Archive ~ read about Pablo’s residency project tongues of salt and join their open call and upcoming workshop (free)

2022 → mix for Post-Geography on NTS (Dec 2nd 2022, 3am CET) → tune in

2022 → Slowfoam & Pablo Diserens performing a hybrid live/dj set for a night we’re curating at Kwia (Berlin) — sept 15th, 8pm — line up: Nick Malkin, TIBSLC, Diane Barbé, Perila, Slowfoam & Pablo Diserens

2022 → field recording listening session on Cashemere Radio for the Month of Contemporary Music (field notes berlin) — listen back

2022 → performing an alpine music for Cirque au Sommet — august 7th, 9pm in Crans-Montana (CH) ~ more info.

Pendant l’édition de Cirque au Sommet 2021, les reliefs alpins qui encerclent le festival ont été parcouru tout ouïe par Pablo Diserens. En quête de rencontres sonores, l’artiste a passée 10 jours à s’isoler et se fondre dans le paysage avec une écoute attentive et un éventail de microphones. Des stridulations entomologique à la fonte alarmante du glacier de la Plaine Morte, les minuties acoustiques des plateaux et sommets avoisinants ainsi que l’impact anthropologique qu’elles subissent ont été documentés. Les méandres du glacier qui surplombe le festival sculptent les sols. Alors que leurs frontières s’estompent, quels sont les corps résonants qui façonnent le paysage sonore alpin? C’est en tentant de répondre à cette question que Pablo revient un an plus tard pour présenter ces rencontres dans une performance sonore et musicale mêlant captation microphonique et manipulation électroacoustique.

2022 → release: live at kwia on forms of minutiae [cassete & digital]

2022 → release event to celebrate the upcoming release of live at kwia — july 14th at kwia, berlin

2022 → dusk — dawn was broadcast on Cashmere Radio and Framework Radio.

2022 →  release: a shadow cast on vapours — a dronesque contritubtion to Audio Visuals Atmosphere’s 100th release celebratory compilation [triple cassette & digital]

2022 → performing Walking with shelled creatures : a concert in response to Nadja Bournonville’s exhibition A worm crossed the street — may 12th, 18:30, in one of the exhbition’s room at Haus am Kleitspark

2022 → on australian shores shown at Museo Reina Sofia as part of Alejandra Reira’s exhibition < Garden of Mixtures: Attempts to Make Place, 1995 -… > — 4 may – 5 september 2022 — Madrid, ES 

2022 → review of dusk — dawn by A Closer Listen (Richard Allen)

2022 → release: dusk — dawn on Audio Visuals Atmosphere [cassete & digital]

2022 → performance for the event Us Moves at Hošek Contemporary : march 19th

2022 → mix + interview for Slowfoam’s Our Tomorrow radio show now archived on SoundCloud

2022 → curating and performing for sentient lands | instants for sonic ecologies at arkaoda (berlin) : february 19th

2021 → last concert of the year: Thursday December 30th at Kwia Bar (Berlin) for the WEICH event series. Event starts at 3pm. Set time 7 - 8pm. Tickets at the door & 2G+ regulations apply.

2021 →  contributed to CENSE’s second show on Punctum Radio with a recording of algae photosynthesis: listen here

2021 → tidal dwellers: contribution for (and curation of) forms of minutiae’s compilation possible moistures

2021 → publication of glacial meanders ~ also available at Zabriskie.

2021 → presenting the workshop ‘found objects and self-made instruments as creative and performable tools at Signals Festival 2021: october 16, 14:00 - 15:30 → more info and tickets available here.

2021 → part of a group show curated by Myriam Boudjella on the occasion of ceramist Violaine Toth open studio event. Pablo Diserens will present the new piece glacial meanders • Viewing and listening at: Treptowerstr. 12, 12059 Berlin, both Saturday 09.10. (2pm - 10pm) → Sunday 10.10. (2pm - 6pm). ~ facebook event

2021 → publication of note from the perpetual dusk on Aber Press’s collective anthology

2021 → Alpine sound recordings residency at Nature au Sommet / Cirque au Sommet (switzerland, august 2021)

2021 → sinking the marble time capsule marbre en mer

2021 → contribution (australian bellbirds recording) for NTS Radio’s Field Recording Infinite Mixtape

2021 → for scarpa’s fountains + interview on Slovenia's national public radio RTV Slovenija 

2021 → mix for Melantónia’s show on Fango Radio →  listen here.

2021 → speaker for TIMEPIECE (MaerzMusik — Festival for Time Issues)

2021 → for scarpa’s fountains aired on framework radio and Resonance FM (february 14th)

2021 → the fly - a contribution for the interactive online gallery space: KoKoMo

2020 → on australian shores part of A Closer Listen’s Top 10 Field Recordings & Soundscape Albums of 2020

2020 → performance for Signals Festival (Funkhaus, Berlin) : october 16, 18:00

2020 → residency at Plan B. Artist Studios ~ by the shores of the Corinth Gulf, Greece (july - august)

2020 → performance for rising whisper (ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin) : august 15, 19:00

2020 → review of for scarpa’s fountains by Noise Not Music

2020 → release: for scarpa’s fountains on forms of minutiae [vinyl, digital]

2020 → performance for The Akousmatik Bush (Berlin) : july 12

2020 → curation of rising whisper - a biweekly concert series in ACUD MACHT NEU’s courtyard (june →  august)

2020 → interdital zone — 3rd prize winner of the 60 secondes radio

2020 →  trolley pole - a sonic contribution for LOM's article about their Geofón (seismic recording device).

2020 → release:  Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minorcollaboration with Black Glass Ensemble and 104 musicians 

2020 → sound and music composition for the short animation film thum by Luca Depardon.

2020 → review of on australian shores by A Closer Listen

2020 → release: on australian shores on Sono Space [digital]

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