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photo by Anastassia Müller
Pablo Diserens (b. 1994) is a field recordist, acoustic ecologist, composer, filmmaker and visual artist based in Berlin who engages with various topo- and phonographies with a wide range of visual and sonic recording techniques. Blending a rich variety of located sounds with texts, analog photographs and video, Diserens' work brings the bio- and geological features of the explored environments to the foreground. They also compose electroacoustic sound pieces by fusing and altering an array of found sounds, objects and self-made instruments. With a background in film making and sound art, Diserens proposes new narrative structures that weave with and within the mind of the audience, accentuating the power of the imagination and memory, to stimulate a new range of sensory images with the aim of sparking environmental awareness.

Pablo Diserens is also the co-founder/curator of forms of minutiae, a publishing platform that supports a plurality of projects in the field of electroacoustic music, phonography, acoustic ecology and visual art. Since 2015, they also are (as Ōtone) the founder and curator of ygam, a record label for industrial sonic tapestries and peculiar studies of noise to unfold.


as Pablo Diserens
• for scarpa’s fountains [forms of minutiae, vinyl & digital, 2020]
• Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor  - in collaboration with Black Glass Ensemble and 104 musicians [digital, 2020]
on australian shores: listening to birds, insects and molluscs [Sono Space, digital, 2020]
entering the taroko gorge [Sono Space, digital, 2019]
Architectonic Soundprint I - in collaboration with Robin Koek [Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, digital, 2019]

as Ōtone
Mechanical Gesturesplit EP in collaboration with Catartsis [Obscuur, digital 2020]
In-between [Etang Brulant, digital, 2020]
In the years of salt lands [ygam, digital, 2020]
performance for the month of contemporary music [ygam, cassette & digital, 2019]
Testu I [One Instrument, digital, 2019]
Anthracite [suspension, digital, 2019]
Colonne [LARMES, digital, 2019]
Polaris [ygam, cassette, 2018]
Nor here, Nor there (in collaboration with cplt) [digital, 2018]
Past Structures, Present Matter [ygam, digital, 2016]


as Pablo Diserens
Signals Festival - Funkhaus Berlin (solo performance, 2020)
rising whisper - ACUD MACHT NEU (solo performance, 2020)
The Akousmatik Bush (solo performance, 2020)
Galerie De Vijf Ramem / 5 Window Gallery, Arnhem (group show, 2020)
Laboratorium Fragilitas, Berlin (group show, 2020)
ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin ( Morphoscope - group performance with Vida Vojić, Stephan Korntner & Frank Peroni, 2019)

as Ōtone
Ōtone plays Bin Cir’s scultpure - backsteinbot, Berlin (collaborative performance, 2020)
OHM, Berlin (collaborative performance with Fortunes Brine, 2020)
Urban Spree, Berlin (solo performance, 2020)
Party des Monats (der zeitgenössischen Musik) - ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin (solo performance, 2019)
Noiselab Festival - Teufelsberg, Berlin (solo performance, 2019)
OHM, Berlin (solo DJ set, 2019)
Arena Club, Berlin (solo DJ set, 2019)
Spektrum, Berlin (collaborative performance with the duo Magnétisme Animal, 2018)
Tresor, Berlin (solo DJ set, 2018)
Spektrum, Berlin (solo performance, 2018)
Punctum, Prague (solo performance, 2018)
Drone-Übernachtung - Modular+, Berlin (solo performance, 2017)

oyster farm (video loop), 2020
mountain slurp (video loop), 2020
Le Cercle (short fiction film, 26 min.), 2016 - selected in the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes 2016
Hugin & Munnin (short documentary film, 4 min.), 2013
La Goutte (video loop), 2013
Something is afoot (documentary film commissioned by Paola Yacoub, 16 min.), 2012 - part of the Labor 9: Paola Yacoub / kiss the black stones exhibition at HKW, Berlin

Gaza Protokoll - radiophonic work by Maxi Obexer, 2020 (sound & score) - premiered at the Friendly Confrontations festival

thum - animation short film by Luca Depardon, 2020 (sound & score)
Untitled - video pieces by Burkhard von Harder, 2018 (score)
DÄNZ#4 - dance workshop by Vincent Bozek, 2017 (score)

Stipendium Kulturprojekte Berlin (cultural project grant from Berlin’s Senate), 2020
Interdital Zone - 3rd prize winner of the 60 secondes radio, 2020
Plan B. Artist Sutdios, Greece (residency, july - august 2020)
MONOM - center for spatial sound, Berlin (residency, june - july 2019)