listening to Sólheimajökull, Iceland (photo by Clément Coudeyre)
Pablo (Rana) Diserens (they/she) is a field recordist, musician, filmmaker, and artist devoted to attentive listening, non-human realities, and possible forms of interspecies coexistence. Rooted in ecological engagement and site-specificity, they investigate gestures of presence through a weaving of sound, images and texts. These bring to the foreground the acoustic, bio- and geological features of explored environments with the intention of fostering earthly connections. Works materialize in various forms that emphasize listening as a radical, political practice, and flirt with a myriad of (sur)realities, found hummings, and ecoacoustic phenomena. Propositions that operate within polymorphic ways of inhabiting and shapeshifting among non-human bodies. In solidarity with a wounded planet, Diserens’ practice invites people to attune to the present in an attempt at rethinking caring strategies and our relationship with the world and its biotic communities.

Pablo has published works with TBA21-Academy, forms of minutiae, Audio Visuals Atmosphere, Presque Tout, and Hard Return; was nominated for the Phonurgia Nova and Sound of the Year awards; and has been featured in The Wire Magazine, A Closer Listen, Bandcamp Best of Field Recordings, and BBC Radio 4's PM program with Matthew Herbert. They have performed or exhibited their work in Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (ES); IGLOO sound gallery, Jihlava (CZ); TBA21-Academy’s Ocean-Archive; and in Berlin’s spaces such as MONOM; Morphine Raum; Haus am Kleitspark; Hošek Contemporary; and arkaoda.

> Based in Berlin (Germany), Pablo Diserens is also the co-founder/curator of forms of minutiae, a publishing platform for attuning listenings, electroacoustic music, sonic ecology and visual art.

> Member of CENSE (Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies) since 2021.

2024     water beetle phase duet [Hard Return, digital]
2023     upstream ensemble — in collaboration with 34 contributors [forms of minutaie & TBA21–Academy, cassette & digital]
2023     waterlilies in fontiform [framework editions, digital]
2023     constellation of ponds [Presque Tout, cassette & digital]
2023     the avian kin — contribution to Diane Barbé’s tentacular project the alien kin [First Terrace Records, cassette & digital]
2022     live at kwia [forms of minutiae, cassette & digital]
2022     a shadow cast on vapours — for the compilation First Rays & A Lasting Echo [Audio Visuals Atmosphere, cassette & digital]
2022    dusk — dawn [Audio Visuals Atmosphere, cassette & digital]
2021     tidal dwellers — contribution for the compilation possible moistures [forms of minutiae, digital + PDF]
2020    for scarpa’s fountains [forms of minutiae, vinyl & digital]
2020    intertidal zone - 3rd prize winner of the 60 secondes radio
2020    Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor  - in collaboration with Black Glass Ensemble and 104 musicians [digital]
2020    on australian shores: listening to birds, insects and molluscs [Sono Space, digital]
2019    entering the taroko gorge — contribution for the compilation Sound Maps For The Dreamer III [Sono Space, digital]
2019    Architectonic Soundprint I - in collaboration with Robin Koek [Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, digital]

2023    spina (short photographic film, 8 min.)
2016    Le Cercle (short fiction film, 26 min.) - selected in the Short Film Corner of the Festival de Cannes 2016
2013    Hugin & Munnin (short documentary film, 4 min.)
2012    Something is afoot (documentary film commissioned by Paola Yacoub, 16 min.) - part of the Labor 9: Paola Yacoub /
             kiss the black stones
exhibition at HKW, Berlin

2021    a humming tub
2021    marbre en mer 

2021    note from the perpetual dusk — (audiotextual piece) [Aber Press]
2021    glacial meanders [self-published]

since 2020    •    co-founder and co-curator of the publishing platform forms of minutiae and all related events
2020    •    rising whisper — concerts series in the courtyard of ACUD MACHT NEU (june — september 2020)

EXHIBITIONS (selection)
2024     on becoming amphibian at Vilaseco an aldea — Chantada, ES [UPCOMING]
2024     Ebbing Ice Lines of the Low Arctic at IGLOO sound gallery — Jihlava, CZ
2023     gestures of thaw (supraglacial) part of "Radio Utopia, the ball of sonorities" during the  18th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice.
2023     bittern & beetles as part of the group residency, show and event: Vessel
2022     alpine gradient shown at Médiathèque Valais - Martigny as part of the exhibition impACT. Quelle est notre empreinte?
2022     on australian shores shown at Museo Reina Sofia as part of Alejandra Riera’s exhibition < Garden of Mixtures: Attempts to Make Place, 1995 -… > — Madrid, ES
2021     glacial meanders — for an open studio weekend (group show)
2021     the fly — contribution for the interactive online gallery space: KoKoMo (group show)

2023     Phonurgia Nova Awards → nominated for the Field Recording / Soundscape Award
2023     Casa di Rosa, Onsernone CH → alpine sound recordings with Ludwig Berger (residency)
2023     Galería Vilaseco, Galicia ES (residency)
2023     Arctic residency in Kilpisjärvi’s biological research station with Diane Barbé and Irwin Barbé (residency)
2023    Shortlisted for the Sound of the Year Awards in the “Sound of the Year”and “Dissapearing Sound” categories (in partnership with the British Library)
2023    Vessel, Berlin DE (residency)
2023    Arbeitsstipend für Ernste Musik und Klangkunst (working grant for contemporary music and sound art) from Berlin’s Senate
2022/23     TBA21’s Ocean Archive (residency)
2021     Alpine sound recordings →  Nature / Cirque au Sommet, CH (residency)
2020    Stipendium Kulturprojekte Berlin (cultural project grant from Berlin’s Senate)
2020    intertidal zone - 3rd prize winner of the 60 secondes radio
2020    Top 10 Field Recordings & Soundscape Albums of 2020 — a closer listen
2020    Plan B. Artist Studios, Greece (residency)
2019     MONOM - center for spatial sound, Berlin (residency)
2016     Le Cercle - selected in the Short Film Corner of the Festival de Cannes

2022     Neonyt - Sustainable Fashion events (sound & score in collaboration with Madelyn Byrd)
2020    thum - animation short film by Luca Depardon (sound & score)
2020    Gaza Protokoll - radiophonic work by Maxi Obexer (sound & score) - premiered at Friendly Confrontations festival
2018    Untitled - video pieces by Burkhard von Harder (score)
2017     DÄNZ#4 - dance workshop by Vincent Bozek (score)

2023     Floating Transmissions Festival, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg DE (concert)  
2023     Pastiche International, Arkaoda, Berlin DE (concert)  
2022     The Alien Kin - (with Diane Barbé, Mariana Carvalho & Joe Summers) Morphine Raum, Berlin DE (concert)
2022     glacial meanders — une musique alpine - Cirque au Sommet, Crans-Montana CH (concert)
2022     live at kwia release gathering - Kwia Bar, Berlin DE (concert + curation)  
2022     Walking with shelled creatures — performance in response to Nadja Bournonville’s exhibition A worm crossed the street — Haus am Kleitspark, Berlin DE (concert)
2022     Hošek Contemporary, Berlin DE (concert)
2022     sentient lands | instants for sonic ecologies - arkaoda, Berlin DE (concert + curation)
2021     WEICH - Kwia Bar, Berlin DE (concert)  
2021     RAUSCH (drone night) - backsteinboot, Berlin DE (concert)  
2021     speaker for TIMEPIECE - MaerzMusik — Festival for Time Issues
2020    Signals Festival - Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin DE (concert)
2020    rising whisper - ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin DE (concert)
2020    The Akousmatik Bush, Berlin DE (concert)
2019     ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin DE ( Morphoscope - group performance with Vida Vojić, Stephan Korntner & Frank Peroni)

2023     field recording & found objects for sound design and production — EMS: Electronic Music School, Berlin, DE
2023     briny listenings: field recording & ecoattuning — TBA21’s ocean comm/uni/ty (online)
2022     marine soundscapes and attentive listening — with the kids of the Atelier Bleu, La Ciotat, FR
2021     found objects & self-made instruments as creative and performable tools — Signals Festival, Berlin, DE

2023     for Alain Roche’s When The Sun Stands Still / Solstice to Solstice project in Bavaria
2022     for Maxi Obexer’s Mit Tieren radiophonic project
2022     for Julie Carrère’s dance performance Break the Charm
2022     in preparation for Alain Roche’s Piano Vertical project in the Lusatia region
2021     for Diane Barbé’s & Vilte Gustyte’s long-strings installation for Climate Care Festival (2021) at Floating University.

2023     guest for Mélia Roger’ Chroniques de Terrain for Festival Archipel
2022     mix for Post-Geography on NTS
2022     field recording listening session on Cashmere Radio for the Month of Contemporary Music 
2022     mix for Slowfoam’s Our Tomorrow series
2022     field recording contribution for CENSE’s show on Punctum Radio
2021     mix for Melantónia series

2023  Field recording workshop with Chris Watson at CAMP
2018 - 2019  Masters Degree in Creative Sound Practice at dBs Berlin ~ MA project: A sonic study of hydraulic sceneries with the practice of field recording as a gateway to environmental awareness and electroacoustic composition
2016 - 2018  Bachelor Degree in Electronic Music Production & Performance at dBs Berlin
2012 - 2015  Bachelor Degree in Cinema/Film at Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis

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