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~ current : tongues of salt

   residency with tba21’s ocean-archive


tongues of salt ............ [project on hold]

tentacular project as part of a digital residency with TBA21’s Ocean-Archive [september → december 2022]
open call, communal sound piece, field recordings, analog photographs, text, workshop

Pablo Diserens is currently the digital resident of TBA21’s Ocean-Archive and ocean comm/uni/ty. In the 3 months during which Pablo will become a critter of the Ocean Archive’s digital ecosystem, they will foster communal sonic sensitivities and intertidal dwellings through a constellation of creative happenings, workshops, and storytellings. With the practice of field recording and attentive listening at its core, the residency’s tentacular project will aim to offer multifarious ways of engaging with the ocean.

OPEN CALL for submission

~ send Pablo sounds from aqueous environments (deadline ~ November 17th)
As part of the residency, Pablo Diserens is fostering a communal aqueous sound gathering and composition — a conjunction of watery acoustics found in various zones of the globe. The aim of this open call is to invite people to submit sound recordings from various wet ecologies, and stimulate attentive listening and field recording gestures regardless of any previous experiences. To engage in a collective liquid attuning, you are all invited to venture outside in quest of sonic encounters within your neighbouring marine and humid environments, and make sound recordings.

Most of us have seen parts of the globe’s waters and their dwellers, but how do they sound? With this thought, you are encouraged to listen to the ocean and the broader water cycle of which it is a part. Listen to the continuous movement of water and the environments it creates, the species it harbors, its fauna, flora, phenomena, geologies, and technologies. Find the sounds that articulate and describe these zones and encounters — sounds that affect you — and record them.

What role does sound play in shaping environments as well as defining them? How does listening help us develop a sense of interconnectedness? How does one learn how to listen? With these questions in mind, Pablo will then proceed to manipulate and compose the collected material into a long-form sound piece that navigates between the multiplicity of the water cycle as a sounding body.

Finally, Pablo and the ocean comm/uni/ty will listen to, discuss and title the piece collectively during an online meeting in December 2022. After that, the communal creation will be made available publicly on the Ocean-Archive.

> practicality
There is no particular level or previous experience needed, nor quality standards to respect. You can record with any sound recording technology you have access to (i.e. your phone, computer, microphones, field recorder, etc.).

> details
• Submission: 1 to 3 sound recordings (each between 1 and 15 minutes)
+ short descriptive text describing the sound source(s) + pictures (optional)
• Formats: WAV files ideally — but AIFF and MP3 work as well + PDF or body of email + JPG
Submission deadline: November 17, 2022 (feel free to send sounds beforehand) → via Wetransfer (or the like) to diserenspablo[at]
• Each partcipant will be credited
• You’re invited to join the ocean comm/uni/ty to have easy access to udpates related to the project



~ Briny Listenings: field recording and minute attuning 
As a complementary happening to support their communal sound piece open call, Pablo Diserens will give a workshop on minute listening and recording. The workshop will present various microphonic technologies and techniques, as well as ways of rethinking our place in an environment in order to attune to it and its soundscape. Pablo will discuss their own field experiences and framework while sharing some of the sonic encounters they’ve made in marine and aqueous ecosystems. This might also blossom into a playground for acoustic discoveries and curiosity as Pablo shares sounds that some might have never heard.

> Workshop’s Zoom link (only operational on due date (tba)  ~ free to join)
~ requirements: please join the online workshop with a pair of headphones or earphones & from a quiet environment. 



~ Pablo’s residency project

Watch an introductory discussion between Pablo Diserens and Fiona Middleton

~ TBA21 & the ocean comm/uni/ty
TBA21–Academy is a contemporary art organization and cultural ecosystem fostering a deeper relationship to the Ocean through the lens of art to inspire care and action. Within TBA21’s digital ecosystem, the ocean comm/uni/ty is a meeting place for diving deep and crossing disciplines. The plaltform offers a space for researchers of all stripes, artistic/creative practitioners & ocean lovers to exchange and seek inspiration; to share and promote their work; to spark and maintain collaborations.


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