marbre en mer

marble, field recordings, photography, text
time capsule — a sunken marble artefact in the Gulf of Corinth
produced during a residency at Plan B. Artists Studio

to whom finds this artefact,

this time capsule was placed on ████’s seafloor in the Corinthian Gulf (Greece) by the artist Pablo Diserens during the spring of 2021. It contains analog photographs and sound recordings from the shoreline’s surrounding fauna, flora and geologies.

this gesture was made during a year filled with blazing political, social and ecological upheavals while the world’s human population was in lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic. Amid these anthropological tensions, the planet and its various biomes suffered severe losses as numerous species continued to decline, ice sheets to melt, temperatures and sea levels to rise, and wildfires to spread.

inspired by the archeological sites of ancient Greece and by the ruins’ intrinsic bond to the experience of time, Pablo Diserens released this specially crafted marble block in the sea as one would send a message in a bottle. Enabling marbre en mer to act as a mnemonic relic that carries pieces of acoustic and visual memory from the Hellenic shoreline at the dawn of the Anthropocene.

— this artefact was sunk on May 19th 2021
— original coordinates: 38°███ N 22°███ E  
— marbre en mer (marble at sea)
— produced during a residency at Plan B. Artists Studio

© Pablo Diserens — 2020 →  2024