water beetle phase duet

contribution for Hard Return’s compilation
digital— published by Hard Return

This track is a response to Hard Return’s open call for "the most repetitive thing you've ever done". It is a duplicated hydrophonic recording of a pond-dwelling water beetle's stridulation desynchronizing over time ~ resulting in a sort of non-human phase shifting.

Recorded in Galicia using a Sound Devices MixPre-6 II and an Aquarian H2a-XLR hydrophone.


the avian kin

album of musical biomimicry as part of Diane Barbé’s tentacular project the alien kin
cassette & digital— published by First Terrace Records

The Alien Kin is an itinerant research and sound project playing with biomimicry and collective music making. Starting in 2022 with a sojourn in the Black Forest, the ensemble started to explore the sonic worlds of meadows, monoculture forests, train tunnels, bogs and imaginary places.

This release’s side B brings into play more instruments by Joe Summers & Diane Barbé –bird calls, whistles, flutes - alongside vocal, musical and textural contributions by Mariana Carvalho and Pablo Diserens. The four players came together to listen to the instruments, twist them, pet them and generate compositions that were recorded at the studios of Morphine Raum in Berlin a few months later. The context is urban, the background is blank. The landscape is only an imagination, and the instruments take on new voices.

Alien Kin is curated by Diane Barbé. It has taken many different shapes and continues to grow, with workshops and instrument building sessions that currently involve ceramics and river canes.

pictures of the Morphine Raum recordings by Zach Hart



sound design & music score — 03:58
for the short animation film “thum” by Luca Depardon


the discreet music of antennas

field recording — 05:12
for the label’s ongoing soundscape archive
published by Presque Tout

It is a drenched afternoon in Alto Adige as a storm plunges the Eisack Valley in a thick fog. The sky is cadenced by distant thunderbolts and the soundscape swallowed by cold downpours. Sitting on the flank of a mountain, Hotel Briol faces the Dolomites while overlooking the small town of Barbiano. By a window of the hotel, a radio aerial stands in the rain, its rods plucked by drizzling drops. To naked ears only the showers' white noise prevails, yet within the array of metal conductors lies the discreet music of antennas.

Recorded with Sound Devices MixPre-6 II and a pair of JrF C-series (neutrik) contact microphones.


a shadow cast on vapours

dronesque composition — 12:14
for the compilation “First Rays & A Lasting Echo”
triple cassette & digital
published by Audio Visuals Atmosphere

A figure walks on the wavering reliefs of a rocky crest. A mist gradually moves in. The mountain's outer layer gives in. Sunrays pierce the droplets in suspension. Faced by a warped shadow, the wanderer gently slides into unknown territories.

A contribution for Audio Visuals Atmosphere’s 100th release: a celebratory triple cassette compilation.


tidal dwellers

field recording, soundscape composition — 04:30
for the compilation “possible moistures
published by forms of minutiae

Short soundscape composition made of hydrophonic recordings of sea snails and sea urchins found in tidal pools on the shores of the Corinthian Gulf (Greece). The sound is accompanied by three analog photographs and a note taken on site → more here.


entering the taroko gorge

electroacoustic composition — 05:32
for the compilation “Sound Maps For The Dreamer III
published by Sono Space

Electroacoustic piece composed using un-processed and processed field recordings captured in the Taroko Gorge (Taïwan) in 2016. You'll hear a blending of insects, water, unidentified industrial sounds and a percussive element found on site. Very little reverberation was added, some of it is the actual acoustics of the gorge. An old map of Taïwan dating from 1878 was paired with the sound.


architectonic soundprint

field recordings, architectural soundscape composition — 10:47
in collaboration with Robin Koek 
for Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio

Architectonic Soundprint is the first episode of the Walking Series. An archive of architectonic soundscapes curated by Denisa Kollarová and Teresa Castro. This episode was recorded by sound artists Robin Koek and Pablo Diserens, who invite us to sonically explore a space and its acoustic signatures. ~ more info here.

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