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field trips

tuned to the world’s topo- and phonographies

Field trips are an essential part of Pablo Diserens’ work, through which they collect sonic and visual material by exploring various ecosystems and locations with an acute attention towards what is already there. Diserens uses various field recording techniques (i.e. stereo and ORTF techniques, contact microphones, hydrophones, geophones and electromagnetic microphones), while documenting the sounds’ sources and topographical contexts through analog photography.

January 2022 — Baltic Sea, Usedom, Germany
listening to frozen puddles, lakes, and forests — with Madelyn Byrd

August 2021 — Mediterranean shores and Camargues, France
listening to algae photosynthesis, sea floors, blowholes, creaking trees, and more

August 2021 — Plaine Morte Glacier and its surrounding region, Switzerland
listening to ice caves and dolines, thaws, grasshoppers, ants, cable cars, and more

June 2021 — Lusatia, Germany
listening to Bombina Bombina and Hyla arborea frogs

February 2021 — Peloponnese, Greece
listening to the intertidal zone’s dwellers: sea urchins, sea snails and shrimps

August 2020 — Saxon Switzerland, Germany
listening to creaking trees and birds

August 2020 — Gulf of Corinth, Greece
listening to cicadas and pebbles.

July 2020 — Alto Adige, Italy
listening to grasshoppers, crickets and bees.

December 2019 — Dolomites mountains, Italy
listening to giant icicles, frozen lakes and fallen crystals
+ witnessing how disrupted weather patterns affect mountains’ flanks and trees.

November 2019 — South eastern Australia  
listening to birds, insects and molluscs  →  for the project on australian shores
+ witnessing biomes affected by the destructive bushfires.

July 2019 — Venice & Umbria, Italy
listening to waterfalls, cicadas and Carlo Scarpa’s fountains  →   for the project for scarpa’s fountains

March 2019 — Gulf of Corinth, Greece
listening to shallow waters, tidal pools  and sea urchins.

July 2018 — Iceland 
listening to geothermal soils, rain, ice and seabirds — (picture by Kría Daníels)

December 2016— Taiwan
listening to cities, trains, rivers and insects — (picture by Providence Roche)

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