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clanging music & industrial abstractions

The work of Ōtone (Pablo Diserens’ other moniker) is characterised by an ongoing investigation of abstract industrial soundscapes - spanning from electroacoustic ambient and drone forms to percussive and dance floor oriented tracks. In 2017, they started a collection/series of self-made metallic objects called 'Tetsu' that they use as compositional tools and performative instruments. In the studio and on stage, Ōtone manipulates these instruments and blends them with material from their field recordings archive. Their timbers exploration plays with the listeners’ acoustic memory to create new sonic combinations and associations until another landscape emerges. Ōtone has performed live in venues such as OHM, Urban Spree, ACUD MACHT NEU, Spektrum, Punctum, and DJ sets in clubs such as Tresor and Arena Club.

Since 2015, Ōtone is the founder and curator of ygam, an independent record label and space for industrial sonic tapestries and peculiar studies of noise to unfold.


performance for the month of contemporary music

a recording of Ōtone’s performance for the month of contemporary music organized by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin at ACUD MACHT NEU (Sept. 2019) — an improvisation on two metallic instruments of the 'Tetsu' series and field recordings.
[ygam - cassette & digital, 2019]

In this recorded performance, Ōtone improvises on Tetsu I and Tetsu III, elaborating slowly evolving percussive accumulations and wind-instrument-like frictions, while a drone made out of recordings of resonating metal bars gradually ascends. Subtle recordings of birds, water and sea urchins also appear throughout the performance giving an organic touch to the metallic soundscape at play. — Ōtone dedicates this performance to Éliane Radigue.


other selected works


tetsu series

Collection/series of self-made/found metallic objects used as compositional tools and performative instruments.

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