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clanging music & industrial abstractions

The work of Ōtone (Pablo Diserens’ other moniker) is characterised by an ongoing investigation of abstract industrial soundscapes with the practices of field recording and attentive listening at the core of their creative process. Inspired by musique concrète and electroacoustic sonic manipulations, they manipulate, combine and alter sounds from the real → from their surroundings, from found objects and from their series of self-made metallic objects, called 'Tetsu', that they use as compositional tools and performable instruments. Stemming from this approach, Ōtone engages in rhythmical and textural research to elaborate a — peculiar, acousmatic and almost tangible — percussive, experimental, and at times club-oriented, clanging music. 

Ōtone has performed live in venues such as OHM, Urban Spree, ACUD MACHT NEU, Spektrum, Punctum, and DJ sets in clubs such as Tresor and Arena Club. Since 2015, they are the founder and curator of ygam, an independent record label and space for industrial sonic tapestries and peculiar studies of noise to unfold.


performance for the month of contemporary music

a recording of Ōtone’s performance for the month of contemporary music organized by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin at ACUD MACHT NEU (Sept. 2019) — an improvisation on two metallic instruments of the 'Tetsu' series and field recordings.
[ygam - cassette & digital, 2019]

In this recorded performance, Ōtone improvises on Tetsu I and Tetsu III, elaborating slowly evolving percussive accumulations and wind-instrument-like frictions, while a drone made out of recordings of resonating metal bars gradually ascends. Subtle recordings of birds, water and sea urchins also appear throughout the performance giving an organic touch to the metallic soundscape at play. — Ōtone dedicates this performance to Éliane Radigue.


Mechanical Gesture

a sonic investigation of rhythms and timbres from various apparatuses — split EP with Catartsis
[Obscuur Records - vinyl & digital, 2020-2021]

Originally released digitally in August 2020 and supported by DJ Stingray, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Manni Dee, Machine Woman, Rommek and Tapefeed, Catartsis & Ōtone's split EP "Mechanical Gesture"  was re-issued on vinyl in 2021. A club-oriented EP that explores the sonic grooves found and recorded in mechanical apparatuses, tools, and gestures.

“Excellent, dark, stepping Industrial Techno EP” - Hard Wax

“[...] jam-packed with undulating grooves powered by snarling, unruly mechanics that, despite fitting into the techno mold, buck away from generic formulae. No straight-forward 4/4 time signature here - loaded with swing and unusual beat patterns, each stretch of the tracks shows keen creativity. Two names to watch for those who like their techno breaking free from long-held constraints.” - Freddie Husdon for Inverted Audio

Also appears in Reeko’s chart for Clone


other selected works


tetsu series

Collection/series of self-made/found metallic objects used as compositional tools and performable instruments.

© Pablo Diserens — 2020 →  2021